#2008-Security Anchor Leashes
With 3 clips

#2008-Security Anchor Leashes<br/>With 3 clips
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Weight: Microfiber: 1 oz.

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Item Code: 2008
DayMaker Anchor leash
  • Anchor leashes to lock down your valuables inside your main compartment.
  • Clip inside any BeSafeBag for ultimate pickpocket protection. O-ring can be sewn into any bag or fanny pack upon purchase for $4.50!! or just use a safety pin to hook the leash too!
  • Comes in all colors to match your items! (Or mismatch!)

Swivel Clip Inserts are great for adding more organization to any of your pockets! Attaching to anything with a ring! You can also attach Insert onto the Security Leash inside your bag as shown here! Use the Swivel Clip Insert to prevent pickpocket theft with your wallet, keys, or whatever else you want secured into your bag!! Optional O-ring can be sewn into any bag or fanny pack upon purchase for $4.50!! Add O-Ring in "Comments" and specify which item to add it to!! Easy to use a safety pin as well to hold your swivel clip leash in your bag! Will work on any bag! With our Swivel Clip Insert turn any bag into an organized and secure BeSafe™ DayMaker™ Bag!! Three Swivel Clips on the Strap! Sewn with nylon thread for maximum durability. Microfiber is machine washable, Fabric protectant, such as Scotch Guard, is fine to use.
Dimensions : 13" x 0.5", Weight Microfiber: 1 oz.