#2007-Wrist Straps & Anchor Leashes
With 2 clips

#2007-Wrist Straps & Anchor Leashes<br/>With 2 clips
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Weight: Microfiber: 1 oz.

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Item Code: 2007
DayMaker Wrist Strap.
  • Clutch strap for Passport Zipper Wallets and all other DayMaker Wallets.
  • Used as an anchor. Clip inside any BeSafeBag for ultimate pickpocket protection.
  • Comes in all colors to match your items! (Or mismatch!)

Clutch wrist strap option for the Passport Zipper Wallets! Removable Strap can be clipped to both D Rings or one to your preference. (as soon). Can also be used with all our DayMaker™ Wallets! Turn any wallet or passport case into a DayMaker™ BeSafe Clutch!! Sewn with nylon thread for maximum durability. Microfiber is machine washable, Fabric protectant, such as Scotch Guard, is fine to use.
Dimensions : 12.5" x 0.5", Weight Microfiber: 1 oz.