What is RFID?! Identity Protecting Signal Blocking. How to BeSmart with SafePockets RFID

  • We indicate the presence of an RFID blocking SafePocket with the use of double stitching on the pocket opening and by our RFID tag, which has the signal blocking logo.
  • Compartments inside organizers with RFID blocking SafePockets also have the double stitching.
  • All of the shoulder bags, fanny packs, and wallets that have RFID blocking SafePocket(s) are clearly identified on the website in the RFID Categories.
  • The common SafePocket on the shoulder bags and fanny packs is the oversize zipper pocket inside the main compartment. It is great for your passport, RFID cards, and wallet that may not have RFID blocking.
  • RFID Material is not washing machine safe. The fabric will loose its signal blocking properties.
  • The Material is light colored for easy visibility and is sewn with nylon thread for maximum durability!
  • Safe to spot clean!

  • RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification.
    Newer passports and credit cards may have an electronic chip embedded so they can be waved at a device that is an RFID "reader" to efficiently provide passport or payment information. The RFID "reader" sends a radio signal to the chip which then responds with your information.
    While there is a lot of protective technology incorporated in the system, a criminal can use a portable "reader" and acquire some information surreptitiously in close quarters in public.
    To solve this, materials that can block the RFID reader are incorporated. We use the term "SafePocket" to describe the RFID protected pocket(s) in my products. Because the RFID blocking material can block cell phone signals, we do not make the whole product with RFID blocking lining.

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