#2014-Optional Extra Long Strap
for 3-Way Convertible Waist Pack

#2014-Optional Extra Long Strap<br/>for 3-Way Convertible Waist Pack
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Weight: Leather: 7 oz.; Microfiber: 5.5 oz.

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Item Code: 2014
X-Long Strap for 3-Way Convertible Hiker/Roamer
  • BE SAFE: 72” slice proof strap to add length to your 3 way convertible.
  • COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE: 1 ½” strap enables your 3-way convertible to have a longer strap for over the shoulder or across body.
  • QUICK BUT SECURE ACCESS: Buckles are easy to use and sturdy and protected in the sleeves of your bag leaving your bag highly secure!
  • PEACE OF MIND: Quality Product, Amazing Warranty, and Top Customer Service! Our products are made with lightweight and durable fabric and our company prides customer service and listening to you!

This super long accessory strap enables the 3-Way Convertible Roamer to be more comfortably worn across the body with the strap oriented through the vertical sleeves. Also great for taller users and people whose waist size is greater than 51". A pair of 1/16" aircraft cables are sewn into the slice-proof adjustable strap to prevent cut-and-run theft. Super long 72" adjustable allows for across the body use with vertical orientation through the sleeves. Extends through the shoulder strap sleeves. Sewn with nylon thread for maximum durability. Easy care leather. Machine washable Microfiber. Tumble dry only, NO HEAT! Fabric protectant, such as Scotch Guard, is fine to use.
Dimensions: 72" x 1 ½". Weight: Fabric: 5.5 oz. Leather: 6 oz.